Why Sharing

Life moves fast. So do your needs and those from around you. We end up holding vast amount of idle assets or equipment that get costly or poorly stored while depreciating for no good: furniture, electronics, books, houseware, art, vehicles, clothing, etc.


Share, barter, exchange… it has always existed but it was hampered by the fear of damage or loss and other frictions. Sharing-O simplifies now the experience to what matters the most: trust and convenience.

What products you could share or borrow? Just think about what is going on your life now: a growing family, a job relocation, new hobbies, etc. Create a circle with those around you in a similar situation and post your underused items: toys, furniture, tools, clothing, kitchenware, workout equipment, books, electronics, vehicles, seasonal equipment, mobility aid… you name it. The goal? Avoid an unnecessary purchase, try before buying, and, ultimately, curve overproduction.

Communities & Clubs

Sharing-O facilitates the recirculation of your idle equipment or facilities among members. You provide them with extended membership benefits and members can engage in a en initiative for the environment and their own wellbeing.

For a monthly fee, you can invite as many members as you want to your private Community Circle, and give them access to your unused equipment. The Circle also enables them to post their own items, so it becomes a platform for peer-to-peer sharing curated by the Circle Admin.


The pandemic triggered a larger adoption of remote working. With blurred office walls, companies wonder how to better support all their employees.

Sharing-O is a climate positive initiative that aims to promote the recirculation of assets while strengthening the social interactions between employees.

For a monthly fee, you can invite your employees to the private Company Circle and post your idle electronics, office furniture, plants, vehicles… anything that can enhance their working experience and personal life. We support you in promoting sharing behaviour within your staff.

What People Say About Sharing-O

"With some gap years between my kids, Honestly, I was not ready to share the cot and newborn clothing with anyone. With other moms, we have created a Sharing-O circle where we trade children things,  establishing  a clear date for return. So simple and so brilliant..."
L. Smith
Mother of 3 children
"My job face-to-face with customers requires a smart clothing attire that I cannot afford at this moment. I have created a circle with some of my girlfriends that share similar taste and size. I borrow special pieces from them and they try my funky pieces that, otherwise, they would have never dared to buy!"
J. Casanova
"After our gym renovation, we ended up with many old  equipment that was still usable. Some of our gym members asked to buy it second hand which we found it could affect the relationship.  We opted for lending it to them through Sharing-O and they are beyond satisfied with the solution."
R. Notting
Gym manager
"I love reading about entrepreneurship and sales growth. With some colleagues with similar interest, we have pooled together our favourite books and keep a fresh the flow of interesting readings. We have not yet lost track of a single book."
R. Tyler
Sales Manager
"Close-knit communities have lower rates of ASB and crime. Sharing-O was implemented in our last housing development and it helped increase community engagement faster than other initiatives."
A. McLeod
Community manager for housing association
"During Covid, some of our employees took home spare office chairs and computers to be able to work on remote more comfortably. It was a nightmare to keep everything under control. Now, we track everything through Sharing-O; they even share their own stuff such as bikes and exercise gear!"
D. Levington
VP People in SaaS startup