How to use the App

Ready to go

Just download the app and try it, no fees or set-up required for that.  Whether you want to share a few books with friends or you aim to set up a private circle for the department you work in: the first step is just a click. 


Create or join a circle

As important as what to be shared, is who to do it with. Select those with whom you truly feel comfortable sharing and make sure that the same trust exist among those members. Build or join as many circles as you need.


Go public or private

You can decide whether your circle is visible to non-members or you want some privacy. In any case, only the Admin of each circle has the final say about who can join the circle. Trust is at the heart of it. 


Post your treasures

The theme of each circle is aligned with its members’ interests and needs: children’s, exercise equipment, outdoor gear, DIY, furniture, electronics,… Quality items of occasional use that you feel proud to lend.


Borrow as needed

So many reasons to borrow: trying before buying , a one-off event,  an outdoor adventure, a quick replacement, or just ‘I feel like it’. 


Share at ease

The app makes it easy to track and manage everything. Go to your listing of outstanding lendings or borrowings. Remember due dates  and terms. Confirm handovers or chat to arrange any detail. 


Everyday. Everything.

Once you try, you will fall in love with the beauty of sharing. More circles, more items, more savings, grateful contacts.