About Us

Who We Are

purpose-led for-profit company made up of a diverse group of professionals with strong convictions about our individual role in the Green Transition.

Our Mission

Provide a valid consumption alternative to buying brand new while strengthening local communities and groups.

What We Do

Support the Sharing-O platform, promote its adoption and foster local market for reuse, repair and recycling. 

Our Story

Sharing-O was born from our own personal commitment to challenge the current consumption drift. Buying has become so convenient and impulsive that we usually only reconsider a purchase if return is not an option.

This habit looks neither efficient, nor responsible. It is not fair to blame younger generations for wanting new clothing, upgraded furniture or changing needs. It’s just about creating a more sustainable alternative to buying new while still getting needs covered.

Luckily, some people see it likewise. Peer-to-peer rental or resale have found their way thanks to great existing digital marketplaces. Indeed, for many young families, exchanging children’s items and second hand toys are now the way to go.

However, sharing has been left out of the picture. The user experience looked too cumbersome for wider adoption: who to ask for, handovers back and forth, remember when to return the item. Besides, would you share loved possessions with a total stranger? 42% of the population would not either.

Sharing-O embraces technology to solve those frictions and scale up the sharing in all the spheres of life: relationships, leisure and work.

Our Partners

Our partners share our mission of a more efficient use of resources and waste reduction. Whether sustainability is already at the top of your agenda or you are just into your first steps, we want to talk to you.

Green service providers

If your company provides sustainable services such as zero-emission delivery, repairing or eco dry cleaning, we would like to add you to our recommended list of local providers

Local entities

If you know a local community that could benefit from a more conscious consumption, we can work together to raise awareness about this green initiative.