Sharing made simple, traceable and fun

Share your valuable yet unused possessions only with the people you trust.

Why sharing?

Reuse as much as possible. 

For non consumables, the equation is clear: the more an item gets used, less virgin materials are required to produce new items. Resale is a great solution for items you no longer want. But when your future plans are not clear yet, getting rid of something underused might not be such a good idea. Consider SHARING it instead. 

Through Sharing-O, you can support your friends or peers avoiding unnecessary purchases. It brings transparency and enables individuals, communities and companies to put their idle assets to the service of friends, members or employees.

We Trust

Sharing with strangers isn’t for everyone, but it comes naturally with those you trust at no money cost.

We Share

Today you might borrow from me; tomorrow it might be the other way around. That’s the magic of it: share if you can, borrow as needed.

We Gain

You immediately save on money and storage, maximise reuse, reduce climate impact and support your network.

About the App

Sharing-O is your sharing journal. You no longer need to remember all the details about each transaction: what, who, when, how…everything gets tracked and managed in-app. With transparency, sharing becomes a fully valid consumption option aligned with your sustainability goals and social values.